BCMA - Blood Donor Questioning


Note: compare with software 'Blood Center Manager' 

If Questionnaire prescribed by Program, BCMA prohibits Donation Assignment, if donor did not pass it yet. The mode of Questioning depends on the current computer Station definition, and Center can provide it in the ways of self-questioning and/or with staff support.

Enter donor’s BCMA# to initiate dialog. If donor on the Program of Blood Product Collection, which does not have Questionnaire assigned, the message 'No Questionnaire assigned' pops up. Otherwise, BCMA automatically presents appropriate questions one by one in predefined sequence and depending on donor answers. Employee can read it to donor from the screen, show on the computer display or turn on the computer speaker to play prerecorded audio. If current question has appropriate sound file attached, an image of speaker gets visible at left bottom side of Questionnaire window. Operator or donor answers questions by pushing Yes or No buttons. BCMA starts processing results accordingly to the rules of current Questionnaire after the last answer taken, and might popup the message 'Please, refer donor to QC', if some answer(s) needs attention. In that case, Donation Assignment denied and only QC may permit it after Questioning Trace review. Otherwise, it displays the message 'Questioning finished' and donor may proceed.

Donor self-questioning

To use computer as stand-alone self-questioning Station, you must allow the only function Questionnaire.


Start it as usual. As you see at the next figure, few additional bars (Exit, Active Windows and Support) present in the Main Menu, where Support intended to readjust Station Definition later, if necessary. However, right after Questionnaire dialog activating, any bar of the Main Menu becomes unavailable to prevent control of computer by donors. Therefore, to get Station ready for donor service, staff must click the bar Questionnaire.

NOTE: define Questionnaire Secure Code to enable self-questioning

Only numeric keypad of the keyboard must be physically accessible to the donors. Small keyboard with the only numeric pad is a good choice for such Station. Notice, that employee must have only numerical password to control that Station. To begin self-questioning, donor enters own BCMA#:

Blood Center software - Donor Self-Questioning

If BCMA# registered today, BCMA will ask to enter donor’s Current ID#, which is an identity document presented today to the Registry staff. Therefore, BCMA does not ask to provide an ID type.

Blood Center software - Donor Questioning

If entered ID# matching donor's BCMA# - questioning begins. Computer shows each question on screen and playing its sound file (if prerecorded). Donor uses buttons Left Arrow or Right Arrow on the numeric keypad to choose answer Yes or No.

NOTE: Questionnaire automatically closes and returns to the state of Waiting BCMA#, if no donor action in the period of 30 seconds.


To close self-questioning Station employee must enter Questionnaire Secure Code in the field BCMA# when dialog in the state of Waiting BCMA#.

NOTE: If questioning cancelled before the last question asked, such attempt defined as incomplete and no information saved. On the other hand, donor may pass questioning completely few times and problematic answers of each attempt will be stored for QC to review.