BCMA - Blood Donor Screening


Note: compare with software 'Blood Center Manager' 

This dialog intended to provide BCMA with donor’s common tests results, and make decision of donation possibility in the current visit.

NOTE: donor must pass Registry before Screening

Type donor’s BCMA# and push button Enter. BCMA will fill ID data and photo, if donor registered today. Notice, that information about ABO group already present in the frame, named DONOR.

NOTE: ABO Group information may fill in a QC person or other employee at the stage of Unit Test Results Input, only

Push button Save and BCMA will check data against predefined limits of general tests. If some value(s) out of frames, BCMA refers donor to the QC with appropriate comments. In addition, the software might generate some special messages if necessary.

NOTE: you may leave some fields of GENERAL TESTS results empty, to fill it in later. For example, donor may continue with self-Questioning while staff doing hematocrit test. However, Bleed # cannot be assigned to allow donation if Temperature, Weight, Hematocrit, Pulse or Blood Pressure data indefinite. If it is so, BCMA refers donor back to the Screening from any other Station.

Messages to Staff

BCMA supports two types of messages to show at the prescribed place, if in schedule:

  • Temporary messages, manually entered by QC person
  • Automatically generated by BCMA, based on donor current Program and visit’s intensity

At the next picture, you see an example of both type messages. Please, pay attention – staff does not have to confirm QC note(s) to proceed. However, each message automatically generated by BCMA has a checkbox to mark task executed.

Blood Center software - Donor Screening

If employee cannot accomplish today and mark some of such task(s) as done, it will appear in the Screening again, at the next donor’s visit.

NOTE: QC only has access to the history of confirmed messages