Blood Donor - injection and transfusion


Transfusion and Injection dialogs have identical User Interface. So, just Injection described here. It helps staff to search appropriate product and browse donor's Injections history.

NOTE: donor must pass Registry before this procedure

Enter visitor’s BCMA# and press button Enter to get him ID data in the frame RECIPIENT. Push button Find to select product for injection by your choice. The figure above shows an abstract example of search result of product, collected by the rules of Program ANTI-D. As you see, 23 records found.

NOTE: it might happen that product you are looking for physically exists in the Center, but BCMA returns zero records in the query result. In such case, please ensure that product you expecting to find is already tested, not sent out by the records of BCMA Shipments History, not expired or injected to another recipient.

Injection and Transfusion are very responsible procedures, and BCMA provides the next color legend in the list of query result to help staff avoid mistakes:

  • Unit tested Ok and does not intended to any donor - Gray
  • Unit intended to current donor - Green
  • Unit intended to another donor - Red
  • Some Unit's test result are Out of limit – Yellow

Scroll the list to get detail information about each Unit. Notice, the dialog does not provide information, which may personalize source of Unit. It is to protect donors from recognition by staff at this stage, especially if donor deferred. By the same reason, also description of Out of limit Test Result hidden.

NOTE: Quality Control (QC) or employee, who has access to Donors Defer Tracking report, may get information about a reason of donor deferral

Blood Center software - Injection

Therefore, the only Unit TD7777/107 intended to chosen recipient 16324 in this abstract example. BCMA trying to deny Injections (and Transfusions) if Blood Group of product and recipient does not coincide:


BCMA warning, but may give a chance to allow such action for today’s Responsible Person only, as you see at the figure above. Otherwise, BCMA prohibits confirmation of procedure.

WARNING: BCMA acts the same way, if product chosen to inject or transfuse has Out of limits test results

History Review

At the first figure of this chapter, you see the tab History of chosen recipient’s injections inaccessible to select. However, it becomes available right after first injection confirmed. The next figure displays its content:

Blood Center software - Donor Injections History