Blood Center software - Quality Control support


Note: compare with software 'Blood Center Manager'

This dialog intended to manage donor’s activity and review history of visits. Type donor’s BCMA# and press button Enter. The figure above displays look of tab GENERAL for donor, which was not registered today.

NOTE: BCMA does not limiting user to call QC dialog for donors registered today, only. However, just today’s registered donors can get service of donation, transfusion or injection.

Usually, QC is one of the key persons in the facility. For example, QC has rights of donor temporary reject, even he’s blood/plasma tested Ok. In addition to the dialog of Test Result Input, QC only may modify donor’s ABO Group data.

Please, compare with next figure, which representing the same donor, but already registered today. BCMA automatically referenced donor from Registry to QC, because he is in the National Donor Deferral Register (NDDR) list. However, the checkbox “Donor accepted” became visible. It is because some service of donors from NDDR list allowed at this facility. Otherwise, the checkbox hidden, like shown at the previous figure.

Therefore, the next fields available here for editing:

  • ABO Group
  • Program (QC is the only one BCMA function to its assignment)
  • Fee (QC is the only one BCMA function to assign Special Fee)
  • Donor accepted (QC is the only one BCMA function, which may allow service of deferred donors)

As we see, QC assigned this donor a special amount of fee. Notice the area of THE HISTORY OF DONOR STATUS CHANGES, which reflects information of donor deferrals, recoveries and service in some specific cases.

Blood Center software - Quality Control - List of Donor Visits

Following, is an example of donor’s status changes history for 3 days, starting from the date of deferral at 18 Jan 2012. Please, pay attention that donor inspected twice at the date of 15 Feb 2012:  

Date: 15 February 2012
Filled out by Prokofiev A. V. at 16:45
Next visit assigned - 15 February 2012

Test Lab needs plasma of this donor for research. Draw one unit today.
One-time service allowed by QC!

Filled out by Prokofiev A. V. at 17:03
Next visit assigned - 15 February 2012

Donor allowed donating anyway!
One-time service allowed by QC!

Date: 14 February 2012
Filled out by Prokofiev A. V. at 20:48
Next visit assigned - 14 February 2012

Donor needs injection
One-time service allowed by QC!

Date: 18 January 2012
Filled out by Prokofiev A. V. at 12:26
Donor deferred indefinitely!
Assigned at the Test Result confirmation session

Notice, the information highlighted in red inserted automatically. BCMA refers donor to QC if currently in NDDR, and in case QC permits service, automatically adding the string “One-time service allowed by QC!”. Nobody can remove automatically generated comments.

Suppose, QC set mark on checkbox “Donor accepted” and trying to save data. Each time QC changing donor’s activity status, BCMA pops-up a window to explain the reason. User cannot leave explanation field blank.

Blood Center software - QC accept rejected donor

Let say, it is filled in and button Save pressed. To remain user what kind of actions possible in the facility, the next message appears:

Blood Center software - QC support with reminder messages

At this example, we see that Transfusion procedure absent in the list, because given facility does not have permission for it, and checkbox ‘To get transfusion’ is clear in the frame ‘Donor from NDDR allowed in this establishment’ of dialog ‘Main properties / Donations’.

If QC still accepts donor and Internet NDDR connect information present, BCMA will show the next message:


NOTE: QC can remove from the Internet NDDR database even a donor, who has status of Deferred Indefinitely. However, Internet Server’s engine accepts such request from the Primary Source of Information (PSI), only. This means the Center, which applied to NDDR and owns of that donor’s chart of donations history.

Please, recall that in the given example QC wants to permit just one donation without changing of donor’s reject status. However, if button ‘Yes’ chosen at the figure above, BCMA will automatically prepare a request to the Internet NDDR Server database about this donor’s status change. The dialog of NDDR data exchange explained further. Therefore, QC must push button ‘No’ in this particular example.

Now, we see that donor accepted for today’s service and description of its reason already present in THE HISTORY OF DONOR STATUS CHANGES:


In contrast to said above, BCMA allows editing of active donors data, even if was not registered today. Please, look to the next figure, where we see new field “Next visit possible”, but no checkbox “Donor accepted” present:


It is clear that checkbox “Donor accepted” hidden, because donor was not registered today. However, QC may reassign the date of the next donation if will press right button of mouse, while its pointer is over the field “Next visit possible” and dialog is in the Edit mode. The Calendar appears to pick a date:


After date chosen, QC must explain the reason of schedule change:


Suppose a donor came to the facility earlier of prescribed date, but QC allowed donation. However, while processing Questionnaire and Screening results, BCMA referenced him to QC with some messages:

Blood Center software - Automatic Deny of today donation

First message “ATTENTION: Donor Qualification needs adjustment” described later. The rest messages explain the reason why BCMA asks QC attention to this donor. One of valuable features here is automatic scan of donor’s weight in current and previous visits to determine weight lose, which can be an indirect evidence of some serious disease. QC may leave blank the checkbox “Donor accepted” to allow repetition of Screening and/or Questionnaire, while making decision about donor’s further service possibility (Donation, Injection, Transfusion).

Eventually, please look to the button “Problematic Answers Trace”, which marked with the sign of question (?) at the figure above. BCMA automatically refers donor to QC and shows this button, if problem found while questioning. Click it to review donor’s questioning trace:

Blood Center software - QC review of donor answers while self-questioning

You may open Questionnaire Designer to see definitions of particular Questionnaire.


This tab gives quick access to information about any visit. If donation already finished, you may see the next data here:

  • Program by the rules of which it was done
  • Method of donation (Automatic or Manual if Whole Blood collected)
  • Amount of material drawn
  • Unit# and its final weight
  • Brief description and expiration date of Unit
  • Screening results
  • Fee

Blood Center software - QC - donor visits information

Amount of material drawn and Unit’s final weight may differ, if samples taken, some incident occurred or it is a subdivision of primary Unit. As we see at the artificial example above, it was Automatic donation of 900 gm of Source Plasma material, transformed into 893 gm of Final Product Unit.

NOTE: the button Edit appears if you exploring today’s visit

Push button Edit to leave some COMMENT concerning donor’s today visit if necessary (the rest data fields remains unavailable for modification):


The next figure shows example of data about Unit RP2000177/000, injected to donor at the some previous date and briefly explained in the section of PRODUCT DESCRIPTION. By the way, we see some screening results highlighted with yellow, because out of prescribed limits. In addition, the field Accepted reflects some Scheduled message confirmed. To get full information about messages confirmed that day, open the tab History.

Blood Center software - QC - automatically generated warnings

Notice, the next figure, which shows that it was donation of Unit TD7780/000 assigned the same day. However, the field of Donated material amount is blank, which means it was no donation by some reason.


If Unit divided, all its subdivisions will be present in the list of Unit(s), as shown at the next few figures.

Please, pay attention to subdivision TD7778/001, displayed in the next figure, which has Modifier (Thawed). Compare with Unit at the figure above, made by the same Program ANTI-D, but does not have Modifier.


Compare with the next figure, where the content of subdivision Unit TD7778/100 modified to match definitions of another Program and corresponding Expiration Date. Therefore, in most cases QC dialog provides quite enough information to analyze donor’s activity, product donated and its derivative(s).


QC may request Test Result Details, which date(s) and status BCMA highlights, as shown at the next figure:


The color reflects a status of requested Test Result(s):

  • Still absent
  • Present, but QC did not check it, yet
  • Already reviewed

Therefore, in the figure above we see that QC still did not check Test Result details of product, collected 9 Apr 2012. However, BCMA changes the status of record to ‘Already reviewed’ and its background color to green when you scrolls to the date of request, as shown at the next figure.

Blood Center software - QC - Unit special tests request


This tab intended to quick access the information of donor’s Incident(s) history. As you see, it is to review, only.

Blood Center software - QC - list of donor incidents

NOTE: QC may print out the donor's History of Incidents in the dialog Donor Report.



This tab gives QC fast access to the history of any confirmed scheduled message, bound to donor’s Program:

Blood Center software - QC - automatically generated messages


The situation may happen, when predefined scheduled messages inapplicable, and QC needs to define some temporary message to notify staff in future. The next figure presents example of dialog, after a button New clicked. As you see, the future date already assigned and user selecting destination computer Station.

NOTE: comparatively to scheduled messages definitions, this type of messages has two more destinations to choose from, which is ‘Donation Assignment’ and ‘QC’. Therefore, QC-person can leave remainder to himself. In such case, BCMA will refer donor to QC from the Registry at the day, which is after date, prescribed in the message definition.

Blood Center software - QC - future messages

As usual, you do not have to type the date value. Just press right button of the mouse when its pointer is over the field 'after' and Calendar pops-up, as shown at the next figure:


Notice the date, chosen at the Calendar above, which is exactly one day before current date. BCMA employs this stunt only here and just to create message, available today.

Next figure displays an example of the future temporary messages:


NOTE: to decrease database volume, BCMA deletes temporary message immediately after confirmation

The next figure is an example of the Donor Fee procedure, where we see the temporary message assigned by QC to the donor #16324. Cashier can click button Ok (left) to confirm execution.  However, he can refuse confirmation and push button Cancel. BCMA displays unconfirmed message(s), when donor will try to pass this Station again.


As mentioned above, a confirmed message immediately disappears from the list:


See another example of such message in the part, describing Screening.

Donor Qualification

The different set of scheduled messages can be bound to any Program. BCMA displays appropriate message(s) at the prescribed Stations while donor servicing, and stores data about its confirmation. To initiate the process of such message automatic generating, QC must define the last date, when corresponding action applied to a particular donor.

BCMA automatically refers donor to QC while his very first registration, because just QC may assign donor’s current Program of product collection. If periodical message(s) bound to the chosen Program, the alert message 'Donor needs Qualification' pops up. In addition, if some Donor Qualification information absent, BCMA displays this message at the Screening.

NOTE: QC may edit information of unregistered today donors, too

The next figure displays an example of Donor Qualification dialog:


In addition, this tab gives possibility to bind Intended Recipient to the product, collected from current donor.

Push button Edit and scroll the list of messages to define or modify a date, when action done the very last time. Move mouse pointer above the row in the column Date and press its right button to call the Calendar. Select the date. Click button Save after dates assigned to all messages.


NOTE: QC may overwrite date(s), previously defined or confirmed by other person while donor service. However, BCMA can refuse saving if, for example, date is in the range of the period of BCMA support, but does not correspond to any donor’s visit:


Use dialog History to review scheduled messages confirmations.

Test Result Details

Sometimes, QC needs extended information concerning some test results of blood product, drawn from particular donor. This tab helps to define the set of such tests with the aim to inform Test Result processor, when input of results into the BCMA database.

NOTE: the only tests bound to the donor’s current Program will be present in the list