BCMA - Blood Donor Registration


Note: compare with software 'Blood Center Manager' 

If donor previously registered by BCMA, just type his BCMA# and push button Enter. To make donor photo you can use any inexpensive USB Web-camera. Push button Change to activate video camera.  The button Change will get name Freeze. Adjust donor position and push button Freeze to capture donor's image. Repeat these operations to change current photo, if needed. As you may see at the figure above, photo will be marked with the date it made.

Donor Photo

To adjust parameters of video camera, press right button of mouse while its pointer is over the button Freeze. BCMA will show two buttons Video Format and Video Source, as at the next figure.

Blood Center software - Taking Donor Photo

To define video resolution and output file compression, push Video Format. Video Source button opens dialog of picture colors and brightness tuning. After adjustments finished, push right button of mouth, while its pointer over Video Format or Video Source. Button Freeze will replace them in the control.

Donor's ID-card

Scanning of bar-coded Donor's ID cards instead of manual typing helps to increase productivity and avoid staff’s mistakes, for example, while donor registration at the front desk. To make it, just push button Print Label.

Blood Center software - Donor ID with Bar-code  Blood Center software - Donor ID with QR-code 

The next figure displays registration of donor, new for BCMA:


Push button Search after information entered. BCMA will check donor IDENTIFICATOR against its interior database. If no problem, you will be offered to proceed with photo and confirm donor ADDRESS and PHONES. Notice the next figure - button Search changed its purpose to Save.

Blood Center software - Donor Registration

To finalize registration, push button Save. Next figure shows that donor automatically got a unique BCMA#.


NOTE: Registry is the only place for entering or editing of Donor ID data

Check against National Donor Deferral Register

Donor registration is very responsible procedure. Let us check BCMA behavior when operator trying to register new donor, whom Last Name, First Name and Birthday are identical to some record in the National Donor Deferral Register (NDDR). In the next figure BCMA notifying operator about possible typing error, occurred for example, while donor’s ID# input (Social Security in this example):


Employee can check the list of donors, already registered in current facility, which has the same Last Name, First Name and Birthday. Please, pay attention – BCMA giving just a tip about possible mistake, because almost the same donor found in the NDDR. However, BCMA never displays ID# of person from NDDR record, because it is private information. Again – in the picture below user can see the records of current facility, only.


NOTE: staff cannot complete registration of donor, whom ID Type and ID# identical to some record in the DDR

The next figure displays BCMA and MS Internet Explorer applications opened simultaneously on the same computer. You see that direct query to NDDR Web-server about Social Security ID # 872-51-0025 returns positive result. However, the browser window does not provide information of donor Last Name, First Name, Initials, Birthday and complete address. Please, compare with the window below it, which shows that BCMA querying a local copy of NDDR, downloaded from Web-Server. Donor record of the same ID# found, but no private data present in the warning message.

Blood Center software - Donor found in NDDR while Registration

In addition, BCMA automatically processing situations and notifies staff, if donor came earlier comparing to prescribed schedule or some additional messages scheduled.