Automatic Backup procedure of Blood Center Database - Message Screenshot


If this procedure prescribed, BCMA will copy database periodically to selected drive on the Main Server. All currently opened dialogs will be frozen, Main Menu unavailable and the next message will be shown at the Station with Manager function, during the Backup procedure. The Client Stations will be frozen same way, but the message will be 'Wait, please. Administrative procedure in progress...' When Backup finished, the message disappears and user may proceed as usual.

Center's staff must perform periodical maintenance of all BCMA computer Stations, but we can not exclude possibility of Server hard drive failure. This might be a reason of database corruption. As you see at the next figure, BCMA creating two directories in the directory BCMABACKUP on the assigned drive (for example, CD-RW).


In case of serious failure, if current database became unusable (corrupted), BCMA does not provide it automatic replace with latest copy. It must be done manually by Center's administrator. Here is the procedure:

  • Open file backup.log and read where and when was done the latest Backup. For example, its content as shown at the next figure. Make a note of the Backup time.


  • Open directory 'F:\BCMABACKUP\BACKUP2\'. You'll see the directory 'DATA' there. Overwrite current database in C:\BCMA\DATA directory with the Backup DATA directory.
  • Launch BCMA as usual.
  • Printout today's Donor Daily Log.  Check today's Center paperwork about registered donors from the time of the last Backup to the current moment. Define donors registered since the last Backup moment and repeat them registration and other procedures with BCMA. It must be done the same day.