Mobile Groups support in the Blood Center - Screenshot


NOTE: this dialog available at the computer(s), which has function Manager assigned

BCMA can support Mobile Groups even if regular remote access to the Main Center Server is absent. All you need to do is just load an appropriate information to the computer, which Can be used as Mobile Group Server, and take it with you. If Local Area Network (LAN) has to be created at the destination, additional Client computer(s) can be connected to it there.

First, connect the Mobile Group Server to the LAN at the Main Office, and close BCMA on it, if running. Activate dialog Mobile Groups service on the Main Server Station, describe Mobile Group destination, assign Responsible Person and select server from the list of connected.

Bleed Labels Stock

Next, define Product Bleed# Label Set(s) you planning to use by that Mobile Group. Otherwise, loading is cancelled, as shown in the next figure.

NOTE: BCMA is not intended to generate and print out of Main Bleed# Labels. Therefore, each Mobile Group takes from the stock some part(s) of preprinted continuous Main Bleed# Labels accordingly to the type of Product(s) and its estimated volume to collect at the destination.


Make sure the ranges of entered Bleed# Labels is correct and not assigned to another Mobile Group. Otherwise, BCMA may cancel loading as shown at the figure:


After all data entered and verified Ok, push button Load Mobile Group Server.


BCMA pops up the next message while loading:


You can disconnect Mobile Group Server from the LAN and take it to the destination when done.


NOTE: loaded Mobile Server cannot run BCMA while connected to the Main Server of the Center. First,you have to download its collected in the field data to the Main Server.

The next figure reflects situation, when staff trying to start BCMA on the station, which was in use as Mobile Group Server and did not pass yet the procedure of its data flush (download) to the Main Server:


Create Computers Network at the Destination

As usual, you must start BCMA at the Mobile Server Station first, if LAN created in the place of destination. This figure displays an example of message to confirm:


When the Mobile Group has returned to the Center, connect its Server to the LAN there, but do not start BCMA on it. Open the dialog of Mobile Groups service on the Main Server Station and choose VIEW of Currently active Mobile Groups. BCMA will show the list to select. Click the button Download Mobile Group Server to flush its data to the Main Server of the Center.

Further, you may review any Mobile Group History, as shown in the next figure:

Blood Center software - Mobile Groups Support