Software Upgrade in the Blood Center - Warning Message Screenshot


If you got new BCMA version, the next procedure must be performed:

  1. Check if you have the next files collection of new version: bcmwin.exe and, for example, du7_2_3.fxp, du7_2_3.krt. The numbers in the 'du...' files names have to be the same and defines the new BCMA version number.
  2. Ensure your current version is earlier comparing to you got.
  3. Copy your current directory C:\BCMA\DATA to, for example, C:\BCMA old database\DATA.
  4. Replace your current bcmwin.exe file with the new one.
  5. Copy files du7_2_3.fxp, du7_2_3.krt to your current directory C:\BCMA\DATA.
  6. Close all Stations except computer with Manager function.
  7. Launch BCMA

The message shown above will appear.

Push button Open Folder and pick the directory C:\BCMA old database\DATA as shown at the next figure. Push button Select.


Push button Ok as shown at the next figure and wait until BCMA will ask you to enter the password.


 Type your current password and continue work as usual.

NOTE: if any unexpected problem occurred during upgrade procedure - BCMA will be closed automatically. Try to start BCMA again. If possible to continue, BCMA will notify that previous upgrade attempt failed and will proceed. If it was serious failure, the message 'Database corrupted' might be shown and BCMA will be closed. In such case, replace 'C:\BCMA\DATA' directory with 'C:\BCMA old database\DATA' and repeat all steps starting from the 5-th.