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"Wealth does not reduce greed."
Gaius Sallustius Crispus

With this article I conclude the publications about own participation in the field of Blood Establishment Computerizing and maybe this story will help you to avoid my mistakes. Its name inspired by five-minute 'musical-quantum ultra-avant-garde structure' called "Attitude", which consists of three parts:

  • Thinking
  • Contemplation
  • The Final-Apotheosis

I recommend before reading the article to see this short concert, that for sure will lift your spirit and remind fascinating feeling of being in a state of agony of creativity ...

I did not expect that will have to defend own name from the hidden slander. First, I bring a list of works that are protected by copyrights, registered in the US Library of Congress (hereinafter, BCM(A) - 'Blood Center Manager' and 'Blood Center Manager Assistant' software):

  • 1997 USA(c) Alexander V. Prokofiev "Blood Center Manager", version 3.0 (TX 4-606-436)
  • 1999 USA(c) Alexander V. Prokofiev "Blood Center Manager - Human Blood Products Collection Support" (TXu 899-931)
  • 2001 USA(c) Alexander V. Prokofiev "Blood Center Manager Assistant", version 7.1 (TX 5-594-316)

In 1995, I was invited to the Blood Center of 'Trimar Hollywood, Inc.' (TR) in the United States to install the first version of the software. But a day before I came across an article about USA FDA scrutiny of flexible software in this field. Since my program had no means of adjustment, I refused installation. This is the very first document concerning my software and TR, signed by its first president:

TR agr p1 of 2

TR agr p2 of 2
In December 1996, the software was first time implemented in the mentioned TR's Blood Center.The latest version of the program (3-rd copyright), as well as the previous ones, I set in the same TR Center in December 2001. The following video shows it work in the real world:

If your browser does not support playback of that file, you can download it in regular MPEG-4 format

Unfortunately, my repeated attempts to implement the software in the home country have been unsuccessful, although it was demonstrated to the leadership of Blood Centers in my city and directors of medical institutions of the Academy of Science, up to the main experts of the Ministry of Health.

In 2004, the first (and the last) time I got H-1B visa for 3 years with a proposal to work at the TR's Blood Center, where the software was installed. Here is a copy of two pages of the most recent document, concerning the software and relationship with TR, signed by its second president. I got this petition via FedEx from respectable american lawyer company among other document, which I delivered in person to the U.S. Consulate:

Petit 1of3

Pet3 3
Right before leaving for the US on H-1B visa, I realized that executable EXE-file of my software disassembled at the TR's Center and the integrity of its copy protection compromised. To my insistence, the reply was received with clarification that the program "somehow works." In the end of ends, it's not a tractor in the field, and the software in a such responsible area as human blood products manufacturing not allowed to work "somehow". This turn of events did not leave me other choice, but to abandon the trip and contact the USA Copyright Office (in writing and by telephone), and send the relevant documents to the USA FDA (with mail delivery notification). Postal service has confirmed delivery, but from FDA I got an answer that parcel lost. Copyright Office, in turn, said that they are not an enforcement structure and has no way to stop the misuse of the software.

At the moment of the final rupture of my relations with TR in July 2004, they has raised more than 200,000 units of plasma and blood with help of BCM(A). In the future, the program has continued to be used without my consent and probably still in business. My understanding of the Blood Service institutions functioning and the main ideas of BCM(A) based on the original SOP of Alpha Therapeutic's Corp. This is an excellent example of the long time work result of a large group of people, who is enthusiastic about their work and are able to explain it in detail and lucidly.

So, of course I asked a question about the enormous amount of SOP TR content matches with the original:

Plagiarism TC
Up to the vulgar cloning:

In the end, the answer was that Alpha Therapeutic's Corp. sold and the new owner does not need its SOP. Following this logic, the Windows XP operating system, unsupported by Microsoft,Corp. in current, can be renamed and added to the set as well, and hurry up to the "distant villages" with a full set of "own" technology. At the same time, they can be adapted and, possibly, made to the statutory documents of the Joint Venture instead of financial investments. For example, in the form of "know-how" or SOP:

Plagiarism translated
I notify those who bought any version of BCM(A) or going to buy it at TR, or any other company (for example, "Advanced Biologics", to which TR was renamed later as I know) that:

  • I have never used H-1B working visa even once
  • I never signed an employment contract and was not working as a hired employee in TR
  • I have never given an oral or written consent to the sale of mentioned above software, and did not give anyone the right to my copyrights
  • none version of my software was sold by me, or the third party in my favor, or on my behalf
  • BCM(A) was installed by me in the only one Blood/Plasma Center of TR, and I did not perform its setup or permit somebody elsewhere in the world

Therefore, considering the offer to purchase the business, do not be lazy to check from different sources the origin of modern technologies offered to you, as well as the dates and reasons for changes in the names of the vendor's company and/or its owners.

For those, who works hard on the way to "American Dream", I sincerely wish success and only pleasant encounters. But do not forget about the very rare, but possible opportunity of a sudden check in practice the words of Karl Marx:

A certain 10 percent [profit] will ensure the employment of capital anywhere; 20 percent certain will produce eagerness; 50 percent, positive audacity; 100 percent will make it ready to trample all human laws; 300 percent, and there is no crime at which it will scruple, nor a risk it will not run, even to the chance of its owner being hanged.

Albert Einstein said:

Reality - this is only an illusion, albeit a very stable

Probably we'll never know its main causes and meaning, but implementation on the language of simple technical terms I'll express with the next words:

  • the cutoff frequency value of 'filters' that each of us gets to own 'glasses' at the moment of next activation in a wide continuum of reality of the current level of spirituality, directly depends on how we handle the current.

P.S. I was thinking to adapt the latest BCMA version, which describing at this site, to the modern medical standards, but:

  • it is programmed with the Visual FoxPro language, which unfortunately is out of support in current time. Of course this is not the main problem.
  • I'm sure that modern approach and standards in this field have to be modified, to be applicable at least the next 10 years, what I write in the article 'Quo vadis Healthcare IT?'.