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Argued that Joomla! assigns all headlines of the type H2 and, so welcomed by search engines H1 headers, are not supported. Therefore, often proposed, for example, create a template's replacement of 'com_content/article/tmpl/default.php', where change h2 header formation code to h1. But in the same file a few lines above is the code that allows us to understand the developers idea of h1 headers management.

Using standard tools

Note: the following refers to the standard template Protostar

Consider the approach that allows flexible use of regular Joomla settings! in terms of providing support for a variety of browser page titles, H1 and H2 in the articles.

Global Settings Menu and Articles

Open the tab 'System/Global Configuration/Articles' and set the following parameters:

  • Show Title: No
  • Position of Article Info: Below

system global config articles
Usually Additional Information about the Article is located at the top, right at the beginning of article. But, in my opinion, in this particular template it is not a good place:

article info position
We can disable displaying of that data, but because Information about the author and publication date is part of the desired elements for SEO, then I just moved it down to the end of the article.

Open the tab 'System/Global Configuration/Menus' and set the following:

  • Show Page Heading: Yes

menu options
Private setup Menu and Articles

Often, there is a button in the main menu for opening the site home page, where the so-called Featured Articles displays. If we'll open that page right now, we see that the articles do not have a header:

page header absent
Edit the appropriate option from the main menu in the next way:

featured articles titles
Now articles in News menu has headings:

headers visible
Thus, on the page with Featured Articles, there is only one header H1, and the article's headers are of type H2.

But if we now click on the header of the article 'Briefly about software Blood Center Manager Assistant', shown in the figure above, we'll see an unexpected title:

article title from menu
Because we have previously disabled globally displaying of article titles, then opened article inherits the title from the associated to it menu item. Sometimes this property can be advantageous, but not in this case. Therefore, open the menu item corresponding to this article, and on the tab 'Page Display' fill the field 'Page Heading', which will now be shown in the H1 style:

special browser page title
Note that you can fill in the 'Browser Page Title' here with a text, that is different from the one in 'Page Heading'. Refresh the page:

article header substitution
If we need a subtitle H2, it is possible to allow its show on the 'Options' tab:

menu options
Once again refresh the page. As you see subtitle already of type H2, reflecting the actual title of the page appeares, but the sequence of headers in this case does not look logical:

h1 and h2 headers
Change the text of menu title and the article accordingly and re-update page:

headers final set
The final version of the page has the following members of different content and format:

  • browser title: Introduction to software 'Blood Center Manager Assistant'
  • menu bar to call the page: Features
  • article title (H1): Briefly about software Blood Center Manager Assistant
  • article subtitle (H2): Donation Procedure Steps

Thus Joomla! allows us to customize the formatting of SEO-important elements on the page by regular means. It is only necessary to take into account that the title you assign to the article will always be of type H2. In other words, if you want to use H1 headings following the techniques described here, remember that the title of the article in fact will be its very first subtitle. But the main heading (H1) is assigned in the menu.