Joomla! menu module with text separators - screenshot big


This information can be useful to those, who using Textual Separators in the Menu Modules. The following figure shows the breadcrumbs in this context:


Everything looks quite logical, but Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool determines absentee of links to selected above items as an error:

google breadcrumbs err 

And it is also logical, because the user should be able to get back through the chain to the main page of the site.

Assign links to Textual Separators

The idea is simple - if an item has no link, then the previous link is assigned to it. Configure the Breadcrumbs Module as in the following image:

mod breadcrumbs

On this site, I often assign different names to menu items and H1 headings of the articles to which they are navigating. Therefore, I allow displaying of the last element, so the user does not 'lose the road' (see the 'Show Last' switch).

Now the breadcrumbs look like this and the Google test passes successfully:

breadcrumbs modified